With Christopher’s joie de vivre, cute snout and sweet instant-smiles when food is offered to him, no wonder why so many people fall instantly in love with him. Let me tell you about the countless times I’ve heard,I want one!

I want a pig! I can understand all the excitement and the sparks in ones eye..I’ve been there myself (yes I was one of them, posting tons of videos of pigs on my Facebook page to the point of annoying my followers #sorrynotsorry). I agree, the whole concept of owning a pig is very charming and they are indeed very adorable, but there’s more to it and tons of things to take in consideration. The purpose of this article is to get people to ask themselves the right questions before adopting, because we do not abandon mini-pigs…. Psst, the average lifespan of the mini-pig is 15 years.

First question to ask yourself: Am I the right fit to be a parent to a mini-pig?

You all will probably answer yes (what a strange question!) But please know there is more to it.

Does your city’s by-law consider mini-pigs as domestic animals? You should find out because in some cities, mini-pigs are considered as farm animals and cannot be kept outside an agricultural zone (in other words: prohibited). Now, let’s talk about noise. Are you home-owners? Tenants? Pigs may squeal loudly and for a multitude of reasons, for example, some may squeal when hungry and some may squeal at night when afraid of the dark. Do you live in a house? Do you live in an apartment / condo? Do you have access to a yard? Do you have an unpleasant neighbor complaining about the noise when you accidently slam a door? (Allow me to repeat myself, pigs can squeal very loudly). What type of job do you have? Are you often traveling or on the road? Do you spend close to 12 hours per day at the office? What are your short, medium, and long term projects? (Perhaps studying in Alaska for the next 6 months and moving to a different city?) Do you have the financial means to cover all the costs associated with being pig parents? The actual mini-pig will cost between $1,200 – $3,000 (there is also the option to adopt). Then you will have to buy food, bowls and blankets without forgetting about the associated veterinary fees (sterilization, vaccines and all that jazz!) Speaking of vets, do you know one who specializes in mini pigs? Let’s just say they are hard to find (mini-pigs are considered exotic animals).

Do you know stores that sell food for your darling pet? Are you ready to live with the fact that it can seriously damage your furniture? Let me tell you something about a bored pig, it can become Destructive. Do you have someone you trust who wouldn’t mind taking care of your pet while you go away for the Holidays? Obviously in an perfect world, we would all go on road trips and visit the United States with our mini-pigs and we would publish all of our awesome pictures on social media of all the great places we visited, right? But what would you do if your best friend gets married someplace warm..let’s say Cuba? Or if your yoga group organizes a retreat in Costa Rica?

Do you have other animals at home? Did you know a dog and a pig don’t always get along? By nature, dogs are predators and pigs are preys. Pigs and dogs are two very different animals and they communicate very differently. NEVER leave a dog and a pig together without supervision. Will you be able to make time for your new pet? For training and for some good old quality time? Oh, let me tell you something else, in case it wasn’t that obvious, your life will NEVER BE THE SAME! You will need to keep your pet in mind every time you organize outings, projects and trips. In fact, having a pig is very similar to taking care of a young child. You will be giving your pet baths (even if he squeals), brushing his teeth, filing his hooves, applying sunscreen, making sure he has a healthy diet and enough exercise.Even at the grocery store you will notice your habits slowly changing. The good news is that your refrigerator will be filled with fruits and vegetables (which is great for the pig AND for you).

To conclude: are you ready to commit? Knowing that the average life of the pig is 15 years?

Yes, life with a mini pig is magical. It is also very demanding, but for all the love we get in return, it is definitely worth the investment. Adopting an animal is a long-term contract. Pigs are very sensitive animals. Be responsible before adopting a pig or any animal, this should never be done spontaneously. Do it for you, but do it especially for them. Peace.

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