My mum & dad adopted me exactly a month go. It was not my first adoption and I had other parents before them, but they didn’t have time to take care of me and thought it would be wise to let me go in exchange of a few dollar bills. I did not know it yet, but it was going to be one of the best day of my life.

Daddy Jonathan picked me up on a Saturday morning and brought me to my new home. I was silent, too frightened to make any noise. I slept for most of the car ride, gee was I exhausted. I didn’t know what was going to happen next and I was scared. Wondering what frightened me most? My new mommy! When our eyes met for the first time, her hair was a complete mess, her eyeliner was all over the place, her lips were stained with wine and her perfume seemed to be Too much Champagne n ° 5 …! She kept shouting ‘Oh my god!’, ‘Oh my god!’, ‘Oh my god!’. I wanted to escape and run as far as possible but the only safe spot I found was on top of a pile of dirty clothes… what an unpleasant and memorable welcome. Waaayyy too much excitement! I found out a little later that my mommy had celebrated at a Christmas party the night before. So what, right? Still not a valid reason to scare me! I will however admit, that I didn’t look my best either; my eyes, my ears, my face, my whole body was very dirty … They quickly decided to make me take a bath. Hello, who did they think they were? Bad manners much? Is that how they welcome all their guests? Let me give you a free advice: never accept an invitation from them! First, they will scare you, then, once frightened they will put you in a bathtub without any warning! Was I dreaming? Who does that? To show them my discontent, I squealed. Oh did I squeal. I was not happy at all. Surprisingly, after a few minutes, I began to enjoy the water, it was not too hot or too cold and I finally started to calm down. Mommy and Daddy washed me with such delicacy and love that I actually started to relax. And then …. floc. I pooped in their tub.

That was the first day of my new life. It goes without saying that despite all the love I now receive, I still have wounds from my previous life. I am still scared of humans and I do not trust them. Except kids. They’re cool. I get along with them and I have a lot of fun with them. They are not as imposing. Mom and Dad know very little about my previous life and they will never know because I am not able to tell them what happened to me. I know they think that I was neglected …. My previous parents said that I was stupid, but that’s not true. They had me sleep in a small bathroom, on a small blanket with old newspaper for you-know-what. Memories from that time make me sad. Why do humans adopt animals and then get rid of them like a vulgar piece of clothing? Why do people call us “micro pig”, “tiny pig “, “mini pig” knowing full well that we will weight 50-300 pounds? Why can’t they accept us as we are? There are mini-ponies and yet they are considered big no? What is the real definition of miniature? Please do your research to know what a micro pig is. We do not stay the size of a Chihuahua and we will not be able to fit into cups all our lives to make beautiful Instagram pictures. Fortunately, I got my happy ending and after only a month, I can say that I am ready to continue my adventure with them. I wish all animals find caring parents who will take care of them and love them like their own children. All this to say that my parents have somehow “saved” me. Today, I am learning to trust them … I’m not 100% there yet and it’s something that will take time and patience. Did you know at the beginning my daddy used to come sleep next to me to ensure I felt secure? I definitely have the best dad.

Big kisses & much love xxx

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